RAPEX: Fireworks Megatresk Explo - serious alert

Friday, 03 April 2020 09:52 RAPEX
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Report No 14 published on 3 April 2020, alert number A12/00506/20

Description: Match-cracker (banger) are fireworks of category P1.

The product is sold in a brown and black cardboard box containing 10 units. The name of the product and a drawing are printed on the packaging.

Risks: the fireworks involve risks like burns, cuts and injuries since the burning time of the initial fuse is too long. The user could go back to check the fireworks, which would then explode unexpectedly.

The product does not comply with the requirements of the Pyrotechnics Directive 2013/29/EU and standard EN 16263-4.

Action adopted: The measures adopted by notifying country consists in recalling of the product from end users.



Pyrotechnics Directive 2013/29/EU

Annex I

Essential Safety Requirements

  1. Each pyrotechnic article must be tested under realistic conditions. If this is not possible in a laboratory, the tests must be carried out in the conditions in which the pyrotechnic article is to be used.

The following information and properties — where applicable — must be considered or tested:

(a) design, construction and characteristic properties, including detailed chemical composition (mass and percentage of substances used) and dimensions;

(b) the physical and chemical stability of the pyrotechnic article in all normal, foreseeable environmental conditions;

(c) sensitivity to normal, foreseeable handling and transportation;

(d) compatibility of all components as regards their chemical stability;

(e) resistance of the pyrotechnic article to moisture where it is intended to be used in humid or wet conditions and where its safety or reliability may be adversely affected by moisture;

(f) resistance to low and high temperatures, where the pyrotechnic article is intended to be kept or used at such temperatures and its safety or reliability may be adversely affected by cooling or heating of a component or of the pyrotechnic article as a whole;

(g) safety features intended to prevent untimely or inadvertent initiation or ignition;

(h) suitable instructions and, where necessary, markings in respect of safe handling, storage, use (including safety distances) and disposal;

(i) the ability of the pyrotechnic article, its wrapping or other components to withstand deterioration under normal, foreseeable storage conditions;

(j) specification of all devices and accessories needed and operating instructions for safe functioning of the pyrotechnic article.

During transportation and normal handling, unless specified by the manufacturer’s instructions, the pyrotechnic articles should contain the pyrotechnic composition.


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